About Kigoi

Thanks for visiting KIGOI.

I'm Emma and I design and hand craft each piece in my store. Working as a jewellery designer and assistant for different brands for a number of years, I've enjoyed using a moment of space to find my own voice in design and develop my personal practice. I often find inspiration for my work in the beautiful practicality of kōgei, the art of traditional Japanese craft.

My work often features the imagery of koi fish. In Japanese culture, koi are known as warrior fish that show ultimate strength in the face of adversity. Koi fish have been prevalent at important moments throughout my life; I like to think everyone has a bit of 'warrior fish' in them.

I cut each koi fish by hand giving it it's own personality.

Kigoi is a beautiful golden breed of koi carp and is a less obvious beauty among the koi family and this is what inspired our name.

Ever since I was young, I've always admired simplistic, beautiful and practical design. The physicality of working with and forming metal is something that brings me true joy; I'm so grateful to be able to create my designs with my own hands. All of my work is thoughtfully handcrafted to order from my home studio, using 925 sterling silver.

Thank you for taking a moment to be here. I'm glad to have your lovely face reading my words.

If you have any questions about my work, please don't hesitate to ask.