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KOI Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Koi Carp Hoop Pendant

Thoughtfully handcrafted in my home studio, the Koi carp hoop pendant is entirely hand made using 925 sterling silver.

Koi are known as warrior fish that show ultimate strength in the face of adversity. Koi fish have been prevalent at important moments throughout my life; I like to think everyone has a bit of 'warrior fish' in them.

Working as a jewellery designer and assistant for different brands for a number of years, I'm using this moment of space to find my own voice and develop my personal practice.

My work is made to order and individually hand crafted. Each hand cut koi is slightly different, with it's own personality.

Dimensons: external diameter 41mm

I hope you love my work and please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Due to delivery times from suppliers, my estimated dispatch time in currently 2 weeks (although I'm predicting they'll be with you much quicker than that!)